Friday, 9 March 2012

Half-way house blues........

MK Marathon 2012 - "Men in Tights" - Week 9 of 16 - Day 4

Firstly, apologies for the dates on these blogs. They're a bit out of sync as we still get used to all this blogging lark.

Poor week all round - the first dip in our program since we started.

We did complete 11 miles on Sunday as planned but it was full of stops and starts and really only just crawled through to the end. At this stage of the game, we need to be taking on enough electrolytes to replace the lost fluids and ensure we are carb'd up prior to the run. Given that we're still in the experiment phase of this, Mr H ate a little too-much-too-late, I needed to run a few strides ahead of him (so as not to be downwind....) and I probably took on a little too much fluid as well so a few toilet breaks were also required.

Recovery time after this run was 2 days, so we missed our recovery 40min run on Tuesday and also had me doubting if we can actually pull this off. Need to re-focus and finish the week strong to bring us back on track.

This Sunday is labelled in the program as a gentle 10KM race so we'll probably do a 6-7 miler at an increased pace.

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