Monday, 19 March 2012

Electrolytes and ISOGEL's

MK Marathon 2012 - "Men in Tights" - Week 11 of 16 - Day 1

So, not a great week. Target was to run 15 miles yesterday, a massive ask in itself, but all
we managed was 90mins on the X-trainer. Mr H was suffering from a calf pull and I'd strained
my neck somehow so we couldn't really take the risk of a long run and potentially setting us
back a few weeks - In hindsight, probably the right thing to do. We'll continue with the
short runs this week and target next Sunday for our 15 miler.

Running for 3hours requires more than a glass of water before the run as we've found out.
There's the pre-run "carb-up" meal the night before followed by the pre-run breakfast as a top-up
as well as the DTM (Deep Tissue Massage) that is required, not to mention the compression
gear to keep everything tight and supported.
Nutrition is an education in itself. Not only do we need a steady intake of electrolytes to replace the
salt lost through sweat, but also an intake of carb's in the form of gel's.

"You'll need to try a few varieties out to see what agrees with you", was the advice I received when
I picked up a few samples to test. Now, Mr H won't mind me saying that his stomach is tender at
the best of times, and "it" decides what it will digest and when! It's pretty predicable now,
especially at the 4 and 6 mile markers......:) Anyway, needless to say, the ISOGEL variety he
took after 1hour through the X-trainer yesterday didn't seem to agree with his constitution,
so onto the next sample test......

On a final note, the charities of choice will be in the next post so credit cards at the ready......

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    You may have not completed your goal which was 15 miles but 90mins is a lot! Don't give up now and think positive!