Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MK Marathon 2012 - "Men in Tights" - Week 15 of 16 - Day 2

So, 1.5 weeks to go and we should be at our peak of fitness? - wrong. No road training
for the last 7 days due to the calf injury. However, it's been daily gym work on the
X-trainer, stepper and bike to maintain the cardio work which in itself has been tough.
It's a pity, we should really have been tapering down towards the run by now but it hasn't
worked out as we expected over the last 3 weeks. We're confident we'll get through based
on the cardio work, but it's whether the old calf will hold out.

Needless to say, we've thrown absolutely everything we can into this so it's not for want
of trying. There aren't going to be any records set here, so it's quite simple - complete the
marathon however long it takes!

The running tops are in print and expected e/o this week or early next so we'll post a pic
of them once they're available.

Thanks again for all the support and donations. We're still some way off from the £1500 target
but we're optimistic.........

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