Monday, 20 February 2012

MK Marathon 2012 - "Men in Tights" - Week 7 of 16 - Day 1

So, an 8-miler, 93-min run nailed and under the belt last night. The route took us from Grange
Farm through Stony Stratford High Street, and back again. Probably my worst run to date as
felt washed out and knackered after the run. Mr H however, never ceases to amaze me - from
someone who struggled to run more than a mile 18 months ago to completing the long run with
relative ease, AND after missing a midweek run! Well done Sir.

I'll put my poor performance down to insufficient pre-run fuelling in the build up to the run, i.e a
sheesh kebab and chicken tikka wrap at midday is not ideal preparation for a 7:00pm run!!

Our current schedule has us running 3 times a week - a long run on Sunday, a recovery run on
Tuesday and a speed running session on Thursday. The recovery and speed run's are no longer
than 40-50mins and are intended to build a sound running base for the long run's on Sunday.
Current pace is 11.32min/mile which is hardly Olympic pace but as long as we keep injury free,
I'm happy with that. Unfortunately, that has *US* completing the marathon in around 5.5 hrs,
taking into account that our pace will drop - I'm sure I've seen the fancy dress Rhino complete
the London Marathon quicker than that!

Next big run is a 10-miler on Sunday.......we have a bit of a do on Saturday night so we may
need to play this one by ear..;(

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